Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sim Card Sizes for Apple Products

I know we've made several posts about what SIM Card to purchase for your Apple product when traveling to Costa Rica, but we keep getting questions, so I thought I would lay it out for you in a list.  I found a great article about it here which also includes a picture of what a full size sim, mini sim, and nano sim looks like.

iPhone 3GSIM
iPhone 3GSSIM
iPhone 4MicroSIM
iPhone 4SMicroSIM
iPhone 5NanoSIM
iPad 1MicroSIM
iPad 2MicroSIM
“New” iPadMicroSIM
iPad 4th GenMicroSIM
iPad miniNanoSIM

Each of these of sim card sizes can be purchased at for delivery in the US or in Costa Rica.  We are the only ICE approved vendor you will find that will allow to purchase kolbi sim cards online before your trip, and offer mobile voice and data packages for your trip.  1-866-353-6492.

Monday, January 28, 2013


If you are traveling to Costa Rica with a new Apple iPad Mini, and would like to purchase a Sim Card to access the internet, you will want to request a Nano Sim Card.  This is the same size Sim card that is used in the iPhone 5 as well.

These Nano Sim cards will allow you to access the internet where ever you want in Costa Rica at 3g speeds!

Contact today for your all your wireless needs on your next Costa Rica Trip!  Sim Cards, Unlocked Phones, Datacards and the best customer service in the Industry (the only customer service in the industry).  Delivery available in the US or Costa Rica!  314-667-5519 or 88776-1776 in Costa Rica.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Due to a change at ICE, the telecommunications company in Costa Rica, our base SIM card product will now be offered for $4 instead of $6.  These cards work with our 3G rentals phones, unlocked Apple iPhones, including iPhone 3- (regular sim), iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S (micro-sim), and the iPhone 5 (nano-sim),  unlocked droid phones with a sim card slot, and most blackberries not tied to Verizon's non-compatible CDMA network.  If you're traveling outside of the US and have a Verizon product, there is still a pretty good chance you will want to rent or purchase and unlocked GSM or 3/4 G phone.

Reloads can be done at the time of the reservation or during trip if you need more minutes through our website or local phone number in Costa Rica.  Reloads can also been done quick and easy at any store, or other location where you see a "Kolbi" sign.

Contact us today at 1-866-353-6492 or on the web at  Costa Rica Cellular connection has been serving travelers heading to Costa Rica for over 8 years and is an approved ICE reseller! 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Apple Device in Costa Rica (iPhone/iPad)

As we head into high-season Costa Rica Cellular Connection would like to inform iPhone and iPad users that we have simple solutions for your phone and internet needs for your next Costa Rica trip.

We can provide you with a Sim Card, Micro Sim, and Nano Sims that will allow you to make calls and surf the internet with your own device on your trip.

iPhone 3 users should request a regular Sim Card.  iPhone 4 and 4s users will want to reserve a Micro Sim, and iPhone 5 users will want to reserve a Nano Sim.  Special thanks to Apple for making things easy as usual!

If you are traveling with an iPad 4, you will also want to reserve a Micro Sim.  iPad 3 users should reserve a regular sim.

Check with your local carrier to see if you phone needs to be unlocked!  Safe travels.

Costa Rica Cellular Connection providing travelers with phone, sim card, and internet needs since 2004.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Wireless Internet for Costa Rica

For the last few years Costa Rica Cellular Connection has not only provide people traveling to Costa Rica with cellular phone rentals, and Prepaid Sim Cards, we have also provided people with a wireless internet connection using one of our USB data cards.  This device (pictured) plugs right into any device-laptop, tablet, etc., with a USB slot and allows users to access the internet wherever their travelers take them.. at broadband speeds.  No need to hang out in the common area of your hotel hoping to find a wifi connection.

We will now be offering a 1meg download speed product, and a new and improved 2meg download speed wireless product, at $59/month and $99/month respectively.  For only $59/month you can access the internet wherever your travels take you in Costa Rica, great for email, general web surfing, and trip planning.  If you need a more robust connection, we have our 2meg product.

Contact us today at 1-866-353-6492 or on the internet at  

Monday, July 2, 2012

Smart Phones Now Available for Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Cellular Connection roll-out of our new Smart Phone product is now fully available!  The phones allows for easy one-click email setup, full keyboard, and internet browsing at it's finest.  These phones can be connected to the ICE network with a Prepaid Sim Card for Costa Rica, which will provide you with an affordable option for calling, texting, and browsing the network at 3G speeds wherever your travels take you in Costa Rica.

If you have your own unlocked 3G phone, including, iPhones and other smart phones, you can simply purchase a prepaid sim card and use on with your phone.

Contact us today at 1-866-353-6492 or on the web at:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Smart Phones for Costa Rica With Prepaid Sim

As Costa Rica Cellular Connection does with all new product roll-outs, we are currently using our new Nokia Smart Phones with full keyboards, so we are fully aware of the phones capabilities and limitations.  Our new Smart Phones for rental offer an easy way for travelers to set up their personal emails with two simple clicks on the phone.  You can use that service with one our affordable Prepaid Kolbi Sim Cards for Costa Rica, for calling and data services. 

These Prepaid Sim Cards for Costa Rica can also be purchased to be used in your unlocked quadband smart phones and tablet devices, including ipad, iphone, and some droid model phones.  Have your phone number and Sim Card before you leave for you trip, so no waiting in line at the airport-with delivery in the US or Costa Rica.  Contact us today at 1-866-353-6492 or online at:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Smart Phones for Costa Rica Sim Cards

Costa Rica Cellular Connection is proud to announce a new piece of hardware being offered for CR travelers looking for a smart (well smarter!) phone for rent on their trips to Costa Rica.  We will now provide a full keyboard and larger screen option for a better browser experience at $69/month for phone rental.  We have been providing reliable Nokia phones with 3g access for a while at $39/month, and will continue to do so.

If you have your own unlocked quad band phone and just need to a SIM CARD, we can do that as well as a licensed ICE Kolbi Sim Card provider.  For the full coverage and 3G experience, you will have to make sure your phone operates on UMTS 850 band.

Contact us today for all your telecommunication needs in Costa Rica at or by phone at 1-866-353-6492.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PrePaid Sim Packages for Costa Rica

Costa Rica Cellular Connection now offers Prepaid phone with Sim packages for Costa Rica!  Packages include a phone that works on the ICE Network (Costa Rican Telecommunications Provider), and a SIM card with prepaid voice and/or data minutes on them.  These are Kolbi Sim Cards provided to us from ICE as one of their approved SIM Card vendors.  These prepaid SimCards can be reloaded through Costa Rica Cellular Connection or through any store that has a Kolbi sign.  If you already have an unlocked quad band phone, or a tablet and are just interested in a SIM Card for your Costa Rica travels, we can provide you that as well.

These SIM cards can be used for voice and data with either a phone or tablet device, such as iPhones or iPads.

All SIM, data cards (providing wireless internet through Costa Rica!), and phones can be delivered before your trip in the US, or to a convenient location once you arrive in Costa Rica.

Contact us today on the web at or by phone at 1-866-353-6492.  As always, safe travels!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

3G Phones vs. GSM Phones Costa Rica

If you are traveling to Costa Rica and are planning on using/renting/purchasing a cell phone to use down there, you definitely want to make sure you use a 3G phone.  GSM phones do not perform nearly as well as the 3G service, and in many of the destination area's for tourist, there is little to no GSM coverage.  ICE stopped building out that network when they began to offer 3G service and the because of this the coverage areas now suffer.

Costa Rica Cellular Connection only offers 3G phones if you decide to get one from us..but if you don't us Costa Rica Cellular Connection, you should still look for an unlocked 3G phone, not GSM.  If you have your own quad band unlocked 3G phone, you can also purchase of our our Kolbi Sim Cards which are reload-able all over Costa Rica, and offer the best rates.  You can get these from us before you leave for your trip in the US or Canada.

Costa Rica Cellular Connection has been providing phones, SIM Cards, and Broadband Data Cards to travelers heading to Costa Rica for over 7 years.  Contact us today at or by phone at 1-866-353-6492.